I Dreamed I Was Awake

How you can contribute to IDIWA

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The troops will not be taught what to think or how to think. They will at all times provoke thought.
They will be thought-provoking. This is the Law.

If you want a page on the IDIWA website to exhibit your photos, your poetry, something that you have discovered, paintings, reminiscences, fashion ideas, curious facts or if you just wish to comment on things on the website or related to it, you are welcome. It is free. All that is asked is that you post a link to this website on your website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

Being interesting, curious or weird - or all three - is obligatory.
Funny is good.
Serious is good.
Going on and on and on or being pompous or using this site solely to promote your favourite causes, bands, celebrities, your nomination for next Pope or your own ego is not good. And may cause exposure to ridicule.
Be warned.

The editor's decision on what gets in and what doesn't is final.

And you're not coming in here with those trainers on!
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If you want to contribute to the IDIWA website to exhibit your music, photos, poetry, cartoons, paintings, reminiscences, fashion ideas or curious facts, or if you just wish to comment, you are welcome. It is free. All that is asked is that you post a reciprocal link to this website on your website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

Send some text, images, MP3’s, YouTube or Vimeo links and embeds via email attachments, to our editorial team.

Say which section you would like to be in: Sound, Vision, Mind, Body, Word.
As time goes by you can add as much or as little as you wish.

If you want to submit your work to IDIWA, please read the guidelines below.


File types: 
High resolution 
max 300dpi jpg, png, tiff, psd, pdf
Individual files should be no larger than 6mb

Low resolution: 
minimum file size 72dpi jpg, png, gif

Square or portrait oriented images
minimum width: 800 pixels at 72 dpi 
Landscape oriented images
minimum width: 1000 pixels at 72dpi


Minimum 100-300 words 
File types: .txt / .doc / .rtf / .pdf

or text pasted directly into your email


We can only accept audio in mp3 format


YouTube, Vimeo etc., links and embeds

If you need further guidance on whether your stuff is IDIWA compatible, or have other questions, please e-mail the editor.

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IDIWA terms and conditions

1) Everything you post on this site remains your property. We will share neither your name nor your intellectual property nor any of your contact details without first obtaining your permission.

2) We retain the right to refuse or delete any material we feel not in keeping with the IDIWA ethos.

3) You have copyright on any material you post here. If you post something claiming it to be your property without appropriate acknowledgement of its source, you are liable for that.

4) If you publish a page on our IDIWA site you are obliged to make a reciprocal link on any website or social media you have that is connected.

5) You are welcome to market your products on your IDIWA page (subject to clause 2 of these terms and conditions), but any financial transactions you make must be made through your own PayPal account.